The Importance Of Telemachus In The Odyssey

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Odysseus is a man of great honor, and follows his father’s teachings which made him a person of greatness. In “The Odyssey” the position of men is very important, especially men who were known to have strength and courage. It was an honor to be a son, whom followed their father’s noble achievements and exhibited the skills that they were taught. In “The Odyssey”, it is not surprising that the relationship of Odysseus and Telemachus, is admiring as it is; Telemachus is proud of his son, who show such promise, and the Odysseus is proud of their father, who have earned a respectable reputation as a warrior who defended their territory bravely. It is amazing how the actions of a father can shape the future of his son. However, Odysseus and Telemachus spend more time apart than they do together, and it is through distance that they develop even more of better relationship and love for one another. …show more content…

If you really look at what keeps Odysseus strong on his journey, the father’s absence is the drive and inspiration for the journey and it is during the journey that Telemachus begins to prove his own worth. Blazina observes that the bond between Odysseus and Telemachus is unique because the two “desired to connect all along” (Homer 285), some knew that Telemachus is the reason that Odysseus was a man of high character and respect. As explained in one of the important quotes from The Odyssey by Homer, “to see lord Menelaus…There face-to-face to implore” of his father’s whereabouts (Homer 52). The intensity of emotion the two men share when they finally reunite also contrasts the relative coolness between Odysseus and Telmachus: “salt tears rose from the wells of longing in both men, So helpless they cried pouring out tears, and might have gone on weeping til sundown (Homer

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