The Heroic Qualities Of Telemakhus In Homer's Odyssey

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Telemakhus The Odyssey, written by Homer, tells the story of the adventures of Odysseus's journey. During his return, Odysseus encounters treacherous waters, horrifying beasts, and angry gods. The story also focuses on his family and friends that wait for his return back home in Ithaca. One character that shows the qualities of a hero is Odysseus's son, Telemakhus. The heroic qualities of Telemakhus are patience, boldness, and intelligence. Telemakhus is patient as he waits for his father's arrival. While waiting for his father, Telemakhus takes care of his mother and their home. He also has to deal with the uninvited suitors and unfaithful servants (Homer 19-29). He patiently waits for his father for twenty years.

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