Social Mirror In Today's Society

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The social mirror is simply the perception of ourselves, on the basis of the social paradigms, the opinions and perceptions of the people around us. In today 's society people have too much with what others think of them, and also the way in which others see. When people give their vision of the way in which you see is only its contribution more than a clear image of who you are. That is why the point of view that we have of ourselves cannot come only from others. The social mirror is currently having too much negative impact on our lives. One of the reasons why the social mirror affects our lives, is that people are willing to change their body and its appearance, or due to the opinion of others. The plastic surgery, tanning salons, and weight loss programs are some examples. People are willing to put his life in danger, getting plastic surgery to repair their rides, nose, lips, and much more. The people are also putting his life in danger by going in a tanning salon per day just so they can have the appearance of bronze of the year. Weight loss programs are announced everywhere and at times, they can also be dangerous. Some people are in a need to lose the weight they are going to take drastic measures to do so. Those who are limited in your body want immediate results and do everything to obtain it. Some people even buy fake hair and fake nails to …show more content…

It may also be argued that not everyone is affected by the social mirror. However, if he or she wants to change something about their selves it is because at some point they became self-conscious about themselves, and that is due to being compared to those beauty standards at one point in their life or another. Also, someone may have a great vision of their self and they believe they have not been affected by the social mirror however; they may have voiced an opinion or perception about someone else that caused someone to be

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