The Importance Of True Friendship In The Debs By Susan Mcbride

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Some people struggle to find who their true friends are and who they can rely on the most. In the book The Debs by Susan McBride, Laura has trouble accepting who she is and knowing who she can count on. Her best friends always try to make sure she is okay and doesn’t get bullied at school. This helps her grow and achieve her goals throughout the story. The theme of this story is, your true friends will always have your back and accept who you are. The ideas it is explained through are how Mac and Ginger always have Laura’s back. Also, Laura figured out Camie, Trisha, and Jo Lynn weren’t her real friends by the way they treated her, and true friends can always count on each others opinions. First, Laura’s best friends Mac and Ginger never abandon her, even during tough times. When Laura was temporarily with another friend group and they betrayed her, Mac and Ginger …show more content…

Laura explained how at first the girls were being overly nice to her. Then they slowly began to ignore her, but Laura pushed through it because she wanted to hang out with them so bad. She later discovered they were actually using her. Ginger explains this by saying on page 215, “It’s disgusting how others get their kicks from shaming others, but we will always be there to pull you back up.” Saying this shows how Ginger disapproves of people bullying her friends. Laura also said she even knew they didn’t actually like, her when on page 212 she states, “I knew from the beginning Jo Lynn and them weren’t my real friends.” What fully put an end to Laura and Jo Lynn’s friendship was what happened at a sleepover. Jo Lynn, Camie, and Trisha were all dropping hints that they wanted her to leave. When she didn’t listen, after Laura was asleep, they drug her outside almost naked, and left her there overnight. When someone really wants to be there friend, it will be obvious. Fake friendships won’t

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