The Importance Of Whitewashing Of American History

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Our lives are based on the lies you teach. If students in the United States learned what actually happened in our history, we would be one of two things: terrified or open minded and know about whitewashing. Whitewashing is defined as the cover up of crimes, vice, or scandals to perfunctory investigation and deliberately attempting to suppress or conceal information.. The students deserve to know what really happened years ago. How come we don’t get to learn about the $5 Indians? How come history books don’t really say how bad slaves were treated and how bad they were beaten by their slave masters? White America knows what they did and what they did wrong. History classes should teach about whitewashing of American history because it would end misinformation on colonialism, it could end racial inequality, and there would be no more false history. Exposing students to the real Whitewashing of American history impacts the lives of minorities and Native Americans. “Samantha Manchac is concerned about the new materials.” (lsensee 2015). History books aren’t showing the reality of things to students. History books want to hide what white people did to Africans, Native Americans and other ethnicities. “It’s an attempt to whitewash history.” (Isensee 2015). History books writers want to “soften” the past by rewriting the past by taking out important facts and details. No more false history. “The state of Texas voted to soften slavery roles.” (Isensee 2015). The reason why

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