Southern Ignorance

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The United State 's Southern states are being accused of teaching historically inaccurate information in schools in order to erase the South 's previous mistakes made in history. These attempts at erasing the past can eventually lead to the further increase of ignorance of those influenced by Southern education, which will cause Southern resentment for the North. The South detaching from the North may result in an unbalanced America, and possibly lead to the return of the Confederate South. However, reversing the ignorance of the South and their desire to erase history will not be easy because each state has developed its own set of laws as to how it can teach the youth about history and other subjects. So, as a united country, the properly educated people of the North need to band together to solve this problem to avoid the repetition of the South 's mistakes. To do this, word must be spread -- through social media, the news, the radio, or by public speaking -- that the South is erasing their history through the youth in order to make the people of the Southern states feel better about themselves. The North needs to tell the Southern youth that the information they have received is wrong because it is not only erasing an important part of Southern history, but it is erasing an important part of African history, as well as many other …show more content…

By spreading the word, the problem can be solved by the educated assisting the uneducated, and a revolution against Southern education can be initiated to bring change to the way the United States as a whole accepts accurate

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