The Influence Of The Enlightenment Period In Europe

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Back in the 18th century, the Enlightenment Period took place in Europe. The reason as to why the Enlightenment Period was established is because it helped the world better understand how scientific worked. The Enlightenment opened many doors for independent thoughts, but sometimes the new ideas and new freedoms lead to abuse. These ideas still now continue to affect Europe and the Western world in a negative and positive way and mostly all facts doing with science have a lot to do with the Enlightenment. Natural Rights influenced people of the time and led to revolution as evident in U.S Constitution, Declaration of the Rights of Men, and Haitian Constitution 1801. Natural Rights was one of many Enlightenment ideals that influenced history in many ways. The Enlightenment dominated the …show more content…

When the U.S Constitution was created, the American Revolution had just ended. The American Revolution was influenced by Natural Rights which is what led to creating the U.S constitution because George Washington wanted to limit power of the federal government. One of the reasons as to why the U.S constitution had been created was to protect the Natural Rights and to strengthen the central government. The U.S Constitution was created September 17, 1787 in Philadelphia, George Washington being the one to fulfill the constitution. The goal for this document was to have a stronger and powerful central government but still had its limits in order have a healthy country. It was meant to replace the Articles of Confederation as well. The Constitution “provides important limitations on the government that protect the fundamental rights of United States citizens.” and natural rights is a big part of it because it gives people the freedom to be who they want to be by all citizens being equal to each other. Once this document was written, it led to having a stronger government, in which it split into 3 branches being legislative, judicial, and executive.

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