The Innu Diet

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The frozen land of the Canadian artic stretches north of across the top of North America from Alaska to Greenland. Here, for more than four thousand years have lived the people of the ice, the Innu. For about nine months of a year here it snows. The soil is always frozen just below the surface, and in winter the seas turn into ice. This climate is one of the harshest on earth.

What was the Innu diet?
In the winter the Innu needed the food for survival. So they hunted caribou, seal, walruses, beluga whales, musk oxen, artic fox, artic hare, polar bears and narwhals. Summers were spent fishing and hunting caribou in the inner regions of the artic. In the winter seals were the dependent source. Hunting and fishing was harder during …show more content…

Usually illustrating everyday activities such as hunting and whaling. The Innu also had a lot more of activities such as kneel jump the objective was to jump as far as you can while in a kneeling position. Alaskan high kick which had the objective in which the player had to put one had on the ground to support themselves and then one foot tries to kick a target hanging above them. In conclusion, the Innu liked to play a large amount of games for recreation.

What did the Innu use to hunt?
A variety of tools the Inuit used to hunt were made out of stones or parts of animals. Also bones, ivory, antlers, teeth, and horns. When they needed to fish they attached sealskin floats to harpoon heads (with lines) which kept the animals close to the surface after they were killed. Most harpoon heads were made out of ivory, walrus tusks or whale bone. They also used bow and arrow, war harpoons, war club, spear thrower, cable backed bow, bolas and an Innu axe. In conclusion, the Innu used to like to use a different variety of things to hunt.

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On land and ice they used dogsleds called qamutik. They bred strong sled dogs from wolves and dogs to pull the sleds which were made from whale bones and wood. These dogs became the husky dog breed.

On the water, the Inuit used different kinds of boats for different activities. For hunting they used small single-passenger boats called kayaks. They also built larger, faster boats called umiaks that were used for transporting people, dogs, and goods. In conclusion, the Innu had ways of transportation.
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A member of the Inuit people is called an Inuk. The warm soft boots worn by the Innu are called mukluks. They made inuksuk’s so they wouldn’t get lost. Nearly ninety percent of the Inuit in Western Alaska died from disease after they came into contact with Europeans in the 1800s. Inuit women were responsible for sewing, cooking, and raising the children. The men provided food by hunting and fishing. The Inuit had no official marriage ceremony or ritual. After hunting, they would perform rituals and sing songs in honor of the animal 's spirit. This is all so I hope you have learned and enjoyed this

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