The Ku Klux Klan In The Civil Rights Age

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Ku klux klan There were very few groups that were white supremacists in the civil rights ages. Out of all the groups there was one that really stood out. One klan became really famous which was the KKK. The KKK was the biggest white supremacist group they were against blacks at first. After the second generation they went against blacks, Jewish, catholic, and foreigners. The KKK functions as a group that fights against non whites who don 't respect or follow whites. The klu klux Klan is an anti black, Jewish, catholic, and foreign group. They had not only one but two generations the first generation started in 1865 on December twenty fourth. The second generation started in 1915 on November twenty second. They started off the second generation by burning a cross on the day before thanksgiving. This second generation started by preacher …show more content…

The northern states became more of a target of the clan as it became more vulnerable when the Klan got more members in more places. They started to show violence to black and white activists in the south. Wanting more power the Klan came up with a strategy where every Klan member has to have ten people vote for the KKK in elections. They became so powerful at one point they took over the Rosa Parks highway. This was the most powerful version of the Klan out of all of the Klans life time. In the KKK they had they have nine different rankings in the Klan. The highest ranking in the Klan is Grand wizzard. The Grand Wizard wears a purple or blue robe while all the other people wear white. The Grand Wizard also appoints the Grand Dragon to his realm. When a Grand Dragon is appointed to a realm and he becomes the chief officer. Grand Dragons wear red robes. They appoint the Grand Titan to their domain of the realm. Grand Titans are to report the conditions of their domains to the Grand Dragon. Once done the Grand Titan tells the Grand

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