The Last Supper Essay

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The Last Supper is one of the famous art piece that done by many artists such as Dirk Bout, Andrea Del Castagno and Leonardo Da Vinci, but the most famous piece is from Leonardo Da Vinci. In this essay will be talking about an art piece from Dirk Bouts and Andrea Del Castagno. Firstly, Last Supper from Dirk Bouts was created in 1464-68, and he was born in Harlem, Netherlands (Getty Museum). According to The National Gallery, in 1462, he worked as an artist in National Gallery 's “Portrait of a Man”. There were two big painting that were created by him, which were a triptych of the Last Supper (Cathedral, Louvain) and two secular panels of the Justice of Otto at Brussels (Mussees Royaux), one of these two pieces he couldn 't get it done before his death. The original of this piece was located in one of the small room …show more content…

To me the most significant is to learn how people in Europe celebrate and dresses in history. By looking at these two pieces I can clearly tell how the world had changed as the time goes. If I have to compare between past and present, I think in the past people seem to have a smaller group of meal and people seem to be at the restaurant more than at home. I think I feel like that because I grew up in a very big family and within one week we tend to have a meal outside with everyone together quite often. The size of the house could be bigger as well. As the time past, people improve their skills by experience a new thing therefore the quality of artwork is increasing as well. The piece from Castagno has been created in the Early Italian Renaissance, so from 15th Century Art of the north to the Early Italian Renaissance everything should be more develop as well as people ability should be improved as well. In term of society, these artworks is all about people having a meal together. To me, the word Last Supper is when friends and family are gathering together for at least once a month or a week in order to keep the relationship between friends

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