The Literary Creation Of Sherlock Holmes And Doctor John Watson

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There is an innate human to desire to be great, but it is almost impossible to achieve this greatness alone. This desire is closely related to the characters in the popular Sherlock Holmes stories, Sherlock Holmes and Doctor John Watson. Alone, Sherlock lacks many normal social skills which viewers may find agitating and unacceptable, but luckily, he has John Watson to make up for these faults. If Sherlock Holmes did not have John Watson, he would possibly be dead, would be socially exiled, and would not know love. The Sherlock Holmes literary creation is so successful because these two men both grow off of eachother while forming one full and fulfilled man. John Watson brings the normal human emotions and Sherlock brings the wit and genius, and together, they form a whole and great man. It is very evident that the literary creation of Sherlock Holmes is very adventures and is quite the risk taker, but without his partner John Watson, would he possibly take it too far? Sherlock loves to solve every murder case that is thrown at him and because he is so dedicated, he sometimes ends up in sticky situations. As shown in the pilot episode of BBC’s Sherlock when Sherlock was trying to find a serial killer who ended up being a cabbie, Sherlock Holmes almost took a pill that may have killed him, just to prove a point, but he did not… all thanks to John Watson killing the cabbie. Doctor John Watson shapes and tames Sherlock Holmes’s adventureness and curiosity and makes sure that

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