The Lost Letters Of Pergamum By Bruce W. Longenecker

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The Lost Letters of Pergamum The captivating novel, the Lost Letters of Pergamum is written by Bruce W. Longenecker. This historical fiction novel is written about a fictional benefactor of the cities Caesarea and Tyre, by the name of Antipus, and his companion Luke, writer of the book Luke, and Acts. Longenecker wrote this to enlighten his readers about the culture of the first century church. The story goes between the exchange of letters written between Antipus and Luke. The letters incite the reader of the walk of Jesus Christ, and all he did, as well as the Roman Empire. Antipus, a dynamic character in the story, is an outspoken, self-righteous character. Luke, is a young yet very wise man who grew very close to Antious, very quickly. Luke began writing letters to Antipus in place of Calpurnius. Calpurnius was a nobleman of the city, Ephesus, who was a good friend to Luke. The letters will continue to be written all throughout 82 C.E, the common era. The first letter written was inviting Calpurnius to attend the gladiator events that will occur in the spring. Calpurnius was not initially fond of the idea of the gladiatorial games, when receiving the letter, but agreed to attend. The first of the letters exchanged between Antipas and Luke were about spiritual matters, and the …show more content…

As this exchange of thoughts and letters continued, it began to be more spiritual. Luke began sharing testimonies of Christ and explaining the amazing work of his God, Jesus Christ. As Luke began to do this Antipas became more interested, and curious so he decided to read one of Luke’s narratives about Jesus Christ, then Antipas sent letters on what he thought about it and where he stood, spiritually. With this, Antipas was led to join a local gathering of Christians led by Antonius, discussing what Jesus had done and the effects he had on his

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