The Machine Stops Essay

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Compare and contrast the effects of the creator’s choices in 'The Machine Stops’ and ‘Transcendence’ on the audience.
By: Vinny 10A

“They’ll be scared at first, but once they recognize what the technology can do, I think they’ll embrace it and it will change their lives.” Aren’t we all scared of change? With rate technology is developing, isn’t the feeling inevitable? Technology has inaugurated a new way of life where dependency on technology becomes inexorable. On ‘The Machine Stops’, everything could be accomplished with the touch of a button. It talks about a world where technology controlled lives is the only way to live. The movie ‘Transcendence’ talks about the dangers of a singular being dominating. A world where technology is advanced to a point that it has the capability to create immortality. Both stories focus on the impact and threats, technology have in our lives. Even though ‘Transcendence’ and ‘The Machine Stops’ have their differences, they are also similar in terms of theme, characterization and purpose.

One element that both stories have in common is its theme. Both ‘Transcendence’ and ‘The Machine Stops’ focuses on the advanced technology as well as it’s effect on humanity and how it’s …show more content…

Both stories are trying to warn people about the dangers of technology. Technology is created to help humans and create new opportunities for a better future. But, could what was initially created to help us end up overpowering its creators. With our human nature of greed, our thirst for evolution and improvements in technology causes us our chances of a future and leads us into being emotionless robots. We humans must make sure that the machines are helping us, not controlling us. In the words of Will in ‘Transcendence’ “Machines are meant to aid the human mind, not supplant

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