The Metamorphosis Analysis

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As the final product of this semester in Drama class, we performed our contemporary interpretation of The Metamorphosis by Franz Kafka. The show was based on Kafka’s story, but it revolved around the theme of transformation. Our show was about a guy, named Gregor Samsa, who transforms into a cockroach as a result of the overwork and exhaustion he has to bear with in his life. As Gregor is the only money provider in his family, after his transformation, his family faces a situation where, besides having to take care of him, his sister Grete and his father have to go back to work. The show continued with the struggle of the family, as it is hard to take the burden of the transformation. It ended with Gregor’s death, as the story does, but we added a future, a three-voice poem, where the father, mother, and sister talk about their feelings some years after everything happens. In our show, we had Gregor played by Daniel Escallón and Pablo Restrepo, Martin Carbonell, Andrea Sesana, and Mateo Vargas.…show more content…
The way it was made, with all of the actors in black, unified them, making a scene of identity loss as the person they are, which contributed to seeing the character as it was played and not with a pre concept. Also, it involved unexpected scenes, such as the beginning dance, a transformation dance, a scene in the shadows, and really nice live songs. I recommend it also because of the final scenes. The interpretation of the death of Gregor was different, as in the death scene, at the end; some questions were thrown to the audience for them to think about. Also the end of the scene where was asked “Who killed him?” made the audience think about the struggles previously shown. Finally, I recommend it because it is a new way to see The Metamorphosis that people who like contemporary theater will
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