The Middle Age: The Stone Age Of The Middle Ages

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Time of The Ages
The Stone Age is known to be the first prehistoric human culture defined by the use of stone tools. It is divided by 3 separate periods, the Paleolithic period, Mesolithic period, and the Neolithic period, the origin of the stone age coincides with the discovery of the oldest stone tools, which had been dated 3.3 million years ago. It went on until the time of smelting. Smelting allowed people to create tools, made from metal and stone. Most of the tools that were made, were created to help humans survive. The tools were used for agriculture, hunting and food preparation. The tools were made from different kinds of stone, being called the Stone Age. During the Paleolithic period, humans were …show more content…

This time period lasted from the 5th century to the 15th century, it began with the fall of the roman empire and merged into the Renaissance and the age of discovery. It covered the time from the fall of the empire to the rise of the ottoman empire, which is the time of castles, and peasants. The middle ages were also called the dark ages because this period of time had been lost to history. Many important records of this period have not survived, historians don’t know much about this time as it is. During this “dark age” there was no “pizazz”. No scientific accomplishments, no great art, no leaders that made a difference. Meanwhile the rise of Islam was growing larger and more powerful. The medieval Islamic time world was more than 3 times bigger than all of …show more content…

The new machines and new technologies helped businesses grow. During this time, the light was invented, as long with the telephone and typewriter. For work, people often worked in factories for several hours a day, doing the same thing in dangerous conditions. It still wasn’t enough to survive so if sending their children as well was an option, that’s what they did. It is to be considered the peak in the time between the first and second world wars. Travel by long distance was easier, by aircraft, automobile or by railroad. In the 1940’s, it was the beginning of the atomic age, where physics had new applications such as the atomic bomb. There were better made tools that made life easier, from business necessities, to travel and

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