The Monkeys Paw Analysis

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The True Themes of "The Monkey's Paw"
More and more horror stories are written and published, but one of the most meaningful stories is "The Monkey's Paw" by W.W. Jacobs. Although Jacobs spent most his career writing humorous stories, he is always known by this frightening story. "The Monkey's Paw" is set in the UK after the World War I, and its plot looks like a three wishes tale; someone appears and gives the main character three wishes. However, the monkey's paw does not only give people wishes, it also gives brutal consequences. That makes this story the most horrifying. Some people suppose that the theme of this story is the narration of the Sergeant - Major Morris, "A very holy man wanted to show that fate ruled people's lives, and that
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In the Aladdin fairy tale from One Thousand and One Nights, the Genie gives Aladdin three wishes without any warnings, but in "The Monkey's Paw", the plot is totally different. Fairy tales are only fairy tales that tell about miracles and the beautiful world. The story of Jacobs focuses on the karma in life, through the warnings of The Sergeant such as "if you keep it, don't blame me for what happens", or when he advises Mr. White that he should wish for something sensible. Nevertheless, the cost of wishes in this story is not about the assets or materials. This cost is the damage of Mr. and Mrs. White's spirit. By the first wish, Mr. White has money, but it costs his son's life. Due to sadness and mourning over their son's death, they make the second mistake. After his son's death a week, Mrs. White forces her husband on reviving their son by using the monkey's paw. Herbert may be revived, but Mr. White at that moment is too scared to meet him, which is proven by the appeal, "For God's sake don't let it in," so he wishes that Herbert dies again. Nothing is more painful than losing their child twice and takes his wife hope, which is the price Mr. White pays for 200
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