The Negative Effects Of Water Scarcity

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In many countries of the world, the precious commodity called water is becoming scarce and the matter is so bad that several persons have to get by without taking a bath. In some countries, the Government is responsible for providing a stable inflow of water for their citizens, however, because of the work of nature, this has not been made possible for many.

Some recent negative action of nature that happened, such as the drought that threatens the state of California in the mighty United State, the Monsoon flood that displaced thousands and killed hundreds in Eastern India and energy production probably will be, affected due to the dramatic, fierce competition for water in China.

Without an adequate supply of water in a country, the economic activities will be party crippled and possibly wiped out in the long run. There is the possibility, of an outbreak, or disease that may surface from the stoppage of our water supply, which will bring about famine and other unfortunate elements and the results will be suffering for many millions of people. For too long many have taken water for granted now we may have to pay the price.
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When there is a lot of water, people move far from it and when there are not enough water people are moving near it. They also move on it, play in it, sing and dance about it. Wars have been fought over it include all kinds of good and bad events, plus every minute of the day someone needs it. Life cannot continue without water because water is life. Today there are still far too many people hunting for water and even spend an entire day doing

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