The Night Witches

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The “Night Witches” was a label given to an all women group in the Army. They got this name from the men of the group that thought they were a threat. The men that labeled the women feared witches and since these women only did their work at night they got the name “Night Witches.” The Witches went out only at night they would bomb the Germans because the Germans had a fear to Witches. In October of 1941 the order came down from Joseph Stalin that Raskova a female was to establish a trio of an all-female air squad. The only one reported to have remained exclusively female was the team of night bombers, the 588th Night Bomber Regiment, where everyone from the pilots, to the commanders, to the mechanics were women. The regiment began filling …show more content…

She stated that they were like owls when they went out at night to hunt their pray. They would drop down get their pray and leave evidence on the ground, such as blood. The author also stated that she wanted to drive the PO-2 plane and that the training to be able to fly would take her forever so she ended up just staying in the cockpit. When the Germans tried to protest against the Night Witches they would make banners that had cruel comments on them such as “Ditch the Witch,” they were trying to get the Soviets to leave the women out of a war that was meant for men to only be in. The fuel for the planes was used from burnt human bodies as well as a chemical mixed with the bodies. When the women started training with the men the men would call them vulgar words such as, pests, chits and many others. The got called these names to quit the war and not be a part of what they classified as a mans job. The Fascist people during the war didn’t understand what the Soviets were doing having women fight in this war. They tried standing up for the women and tried to get them to quit but everything the fascist people would try more women would join. The women were rebelling to the people to prove that they could do anything. That is the reason that Rosie the Riveter became a thing. She was the symbol all over the world that proves women are just as strong as men, from farming,

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