The Outsider Dally Character Analysis

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In The Outsiders, by S.E. Hinton, Dallas “Dally” Winston is a defiant character, especially when it comes to authority. For example, when Ponyboy first describes Dally, he proceeds as so: “He [Dally] had been arrested, he got drunk, he rode in rodeos, lied, cheated, stole, rolled drunks and jumped small kids” (11). Here, the fact that Ponyboy knows this makes it seem like Dally is not that obscure about the fact that he likes to defy authority, as he does illegal activities, including underage drinking, stealing, and attacking small kids. Another example are Ponyboy’s thoughts of what Dally would do to the reporters after they portrayed him as a hero and not a villain in their article about how Ponyboy, Johnny and Dallas saved the children
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