The Passing Of Grandison Analysis

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1.Plantation fiction Plantation fiction glorifies slavery and worships slave masters and tells of story of loyal slaves who would never betray their master. The Passing of Grandison is a critique of plantation fiction. Dick Owens, son of a wealthy slave master is in pursuit of Charity Lomax who told him “I’ll never love you Dick Owens, until you have done something. When that time comes, I’ll think about it.”. Dick sets a plan to take his servant Tom on his trip to the north. However, his father assures him that it is too dangerous to take Tom, for he is too smart. He instead offers Grandison, because the Colonel feels that he is trustworthy. Dick tried everything he could to get rid of Grandison while they were up north, and gave him ample …show more content…

Thornton tells the story of Talma Gordon to his Canterbury Club in Pauline Hopkins’, “Talma Gordon”. The conversation to start the story is about interracial relationships. He tells the story of two sisters, Talma and Jeanette who were set to receive their father’s inheritance. There was a fire one night and their father as well as their step mother and brother were killed. Talma was accused of the murders but was found not guilty. Later her sister Jeanette died suddenly and left her a letter revealing the story of their family’s deaths. She reveals in the letter that their brother was mulatto and automatically died after birth, and their mother died too after realization that she had Negro blood. When Jeanette learned of the news she too died. As Talma finished up reading the letter, Edward expressed that he would much rather marry Talma the murderer than Talma the negro, and he left at once. It is said that “From the on she failed rapidly.”. Dr. Thornton continues to say “If only I could rouse her to an interest in life she might live to an old age”. He regards himself as a hero, because the only way to save Talma from death was to marry him, a white man. He uses this story as reasoning to support interracial

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