Theme Of Scapegoation In The Crucible

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The Crucible by Arthur Miller is filled with fear, betrayal, and mass hysteria. The witch hunts that took place in this book were merely a domino effect of fear brought on by accusation of witchcraft. This ‘theme’ is commonly known as ‘scapegoating’ and, in this book, is commonly used by Abigail. Abigail perfectly embodies the theme of scapegoating by betraying friends and family to slip under the scrutinizing eyes of her town.
When the book opens, we meet Tituba an enslaved person taken from her home in Barbados and moved to Salem, MA to work for the Parris’. After spending the night out singing and performing ‘voodoo’ as a ‘stress release’ with the young girls of Salem, one Betty Rogers becomes ill. Accusation fills the town and anyone and
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