The Persian Carpet Analysis

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Throughout the story, Hanan Shakyhs focuses on a dysfunctional family in the story “The Persian Carpet”. The child narrator claims that she has control of herself and the situation by stating that she fully knows herself; when in reality, she has forgotten her resolve and was anticipating the meeting with her mother by gladly stating that she would not give up hope on their relationship. However, the situation drastically changed when the narrator discovered the carpet that was laying on the floor which resulted the main character’s outrage. Moreover, she states that “Ilya was almost a blind man who used to go round of the houses of the quarter repairing cane chairs” (Hanan, 254). This passage is imperative to the …show more content…

As mentioned beforehand, deception damages a child’s self-esteem. This situation often happens in a dysfunctional family. Initially, the narrator was seeing her mother for the first time since the divorce which led to result her behaviour fear. The narrator missed the tender care that the mother had shown to her family. However, she also kept in mind the mother’s reaction when the father approved the divorce and her threats of setting fire to herself with kerosene. As a result, the situation validates that the parents’ divorce impacted the narrator’s life and resulted to change her perception on how to approach her mother. Furthermore, the narrator fears upon meeting her mother since the divorce was also the result of her traumatic realization; Which is the stealing of “Persian Carpet” alluded the mother’s extra-marital affair influence the thought that their family relationships could not be mended. The narrator’s emotions were overflowing when she met her mother that …show more content…

She is an adult whose mother was divorced five times during her childhood and initiated “The Child of Divorce” to provide a voice for children whose parents are divorcing. She wrote this letter in order to express the things that she could have said as a child but

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