The Plot Archetype In A Little Romance

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The main plot archetype in A Little Romance is “The Quest”. One reason why the plot archetype is “The Quest” is because the plot of Lauren and Daniel fulfilling their goal directly imitates the archetype. Sparked by the incident of Julius telling Lauren and Daniel about the legend of kissing under the Bridge of Sighs, Lauren and Daniel’s quest is to kiss follow the legend in order to seal their love forever.

Two lessons were taught in A Little Romance: the importance of keeping love alive and determination in spite of all odds. For example, when Lauren continues to see Daniel despite her mother forbidding it, demonstrates the importance of fighting to keep their love alive, if Lauren had listened to her mother, their friendship, love, and …show more content…

Drawn to each other, Lauren and Daniel are the young lovers of the story who must overcome their obstacles together. One reason why this archetype is important in A Little Romance is because the main archetype, “The Quest”, still involves a goal which is intended to seal their love forever.
Julius Santorin is an example of the archetype “The Mentor”. In the beginning, Julius is introduced as a kindly old man and eventually becomes the character that inspires the two and aids them on their journey. However, his help and sacrifice come later in the movie, such as the scene revealing his criminal past or the scene where Julius turns himself in to the police.
In the final goodbye scene, the color blue was prominent throughout. For example, Lauren’s dress and the car were both blue. The reason why blue is of significance is because blue is the archetypal color for devotion, foreshadowing that Lauren will continue to stay loyal to Daniel even after moving back to the United States, keeping her promise of writing to him often.
Ethos: Ethos is the method of persuasion using credibility. Richard establishes his ethos during the scene when Richard stands up to George and regains control of his marriage. After that scene, George showed clear signs of becoming a strong husband and …show more content…

While Lauren felt the need to do this trip because of her father’s announcement that her family would be moving soon, Lauren also felt conflicted with the lengths that Lauren was going to in order to achieve this goal. Later, when Julius is portrayed as a kidnapper, Lauren feels guilty for lying to him, creating further internal conflict.
The scene with the horse race in the film is a clear example of multiple external conflicts. First, when their horse loses is a conflict between the two horses and a conflict with their bet being lost. In addition, the lack of money presents a conflict when it becomes an obstacle stopping them from starting their trip.
The incident of Kay King arrogantly describing Daniel as “that filthy French boy” is indirect characterization in disguise. Though the statement is about Daniel, it shows that Kay is racist and elitist. Placing herself above Daniel during the statement, Kay later realizes how offensive the statement was and (mostly) corrects

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