'Freedom In Ayn Rand's Anthem'

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Within his core, the essence of man’s being remains encapsulated, serving as “a first cause, a fount of energy, a life force, [and] a Prime Mover.” When the substance that constructs man is subdued, however, the flow of liquid creation that gushes from the fountain of innovation empowering mankind dries up. In Ayn Rand’s novella Anthem, the quintessential society of the modern day is reversed, consequently leading to the emergence of a darkened futuristic world where humans are forced to become masked shadows behind the cloak of an altruistic society. From the perspective of Equality 7-2521, the grapple between surrendering to conformity or rising to freedom takes place within himself as he navigates through the current lifeless state of his…show more content…
Though the magnitude of the government’s power is overbearing, inside Equality remains a scintilla of uncertainty against their means. At first, Equality is perplexed with this sensation forming within him, and neither fully embraces nor completely omits it. During his punishment for refusing to reveal his whereabouts, Equality recites, “We wondered who was sprinkling burning coal dust upon the floor, for we saw drops of red twinkling on the stones around us” (Rand 65). Through Equality’s focus on the consciousness inside of himself, a spark of lively “wonder” is accentuated as he observes the “burning [red] coal dust” that “twinkl[es]” in the scene surrounding him. As time progresses, Equality ultimately realizes though he “[cannot] change [his] bones nor his body,” he is instead able to fortify the will of his embodiment (Rand 18). While reflecting back on his defiances, Equality soon firmly understands that neither “chains [nor] lashes” would damage the disposition of man (Rand 98). Even within the spiral of restraint, the pith of his individual being remains fierce, for the motivation of intrigue of the unknown propels him forth. Dubiosity begins to diminish and the force within Equality morphs into more than a slight feeling—it ignites into bold curiosity that allows Equality to mentally advance above his…show more content…
Since his inquisitive nature has been established apart from society, Equality’s findings have surmounted over the achievements his brothers. His craving to comprehend the obscure commences with experimentation. As he ascends the pathway of scientific discovery, he creates a “glass box” that functions “like a living heart” (Rand 76). This creation serves as the essential pinnacle in his quest for knowledge. Although it evokes emotions of resentment from the Council, it remains a milestone within Equality’s evolution. Similarly, Equality revolutionizes his sphere of philosophy. As he broadens his once narrow scope of the world and allows his imagination to wander, he realizes that the brotherhood is not as divine as it is praised to be. While devising the birth of his new society, he figures that because of the “worship [of the word “We”], the structure of centuries collapsed...whose every beam had come from the thought of some one man…[who] existed but for [his] own sake” (Rand 102). It is due to the endurance of collectivism that success is impeded and the “beams” that are supposed to support the monument of society instead “collaps[e]” under their own cause. Through the stimulation of questioning, Equality makes brazen discoveries and challenges the beliefs of the society, which draws him closer to the liberation of his
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