The Power Of The American Dream

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It doesn’t matter if one is young, old, domestic, or foreign. The American dream brightly shines for all around the world as a beacon of hope for a better tomorrow. Hope to choose and create exactly the kind of individual life, and self, you believe in. The American Image dream is not only about money and wealth, it isn’t about status or power. The American dream is about freedom. It’s about having the freedom for one to make their own choices, and if as a result, you become wealthy or powerful as an outcome of your choices, then so be it. The American dream is about agency and the right to make your own future. However, the choices you make along the way are crucial. A single misstep can make it all fall apart.…show more content…
It was at this moment that “Jay Gatsby of West Egg, Long Island, sprang from the platonic conception of himself.” Gatsby had indulged in the American dream and took advantage of the agency which he had been granted in order to create his own future. The American dream is about the freedom to make your own choices. But with freedom comes responsibility. The American dream isn’t about the destination, the dream is the journey, and if you fail to make the right choices along the way you will be haunted by your past. Gatsby can’t win over Daisy, the woman he is in love with, because of his past decisions. At one point Daisy’s husband reveals that Gatsby is a bootlegger. “He and Wolfsheim bought up a lot of side-street drug stores and sold grain alcohol over the counter.” Daisy devastated by this news cannot be with Gatsby anymore. His money lacked stability due to the fashion in which he obtained it. It was not done honestly. A majority of Gatsby’s choices were based…show more content…
We must believe in our American Dream, and take every opportunity to create a life built on the freedom and the choices we’ve been granted. In Conclusion, Contrary to popular belief the American dream isn’t about extravagant wealth or gaudy amounts of money. It actually isn’t about materialistic items at all. The American dream lies in the journey, not the destination. It exists in the freedoms we are granted as Americans to make our own choices and to create any type of life we desire. It is unlike anything else in the world, and millions of people migrate to America in hopes of participating in this journey. We are blessed to be able to be whoever we want to be and do whatever we want to do, but we must always keep in mind that the choices we make come with consequences. It is important to focus on making the right choices each and every day in order to ensure that we get the most out of our dream. Jay Gatsby was unable to make the correct choices that he needed to obtain his dream and he suffered the consequences as he was unable to be with the girl he loved. This is why I believe that the author of The Great Gatsby, Francis
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