Rhoda Jordan Problem With Masculinity Summary

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The growing rift in today’s polarized political and socio-economic climates beg the question: when did this estrangement begin? Similar to the polarization of the political and socio-economic climates, the polarization between gender values has likewise always been an object of study for scientists. The ideas of gender specific behaviors and attributes have been around for a long time, but the ideas of where they belong are hardly agreed upon. Rhoda Jordan, a spiritual mentor, writer, and actress, speaks of a harmony between values that reside in each person, regardless of gender. In order to have a world that is inclusive and available for all, Jordan argues through the article “The Problem With Masculinity” that this distinction breeds hostility …show more content…

She promotes meditation as a means to enhance confidence and enhance the soul; Jordan communicates to her viewerbase through her website and her blog. On her website, Jordan’s main audience is those who wish to gain spiritual enlightenment through meditation and reflection, whereas her blog is focused on feminine power, wisdom, sex, relationships, and the masculine and feminine. “The Problem With Masculinity” was published on Huffington Post, a liberal news and opinion website; since this article is located on the internet, Jordan’s main audience base includes those proficient enough to read such articles. Due to these factors, the main audience base would be, stereotypically, young/middle age feminists who agree with Jordan’s outlook on masculinity and femininity. This outlook of masculinity and femininity given by Jordan tells the purpose of the article. Jordan wrote this article in order to spread awareness of her viewpoint on the social interactions and consequential treatment of women and men in today’s society. Using her platform, Jordan is trying to spur social change by encouraging the balance of both masculinity and femininity within each

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