The Pros And Cons Of Baylor

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Waco is a growing city in Central Texas with a population of about 130,000 people. Within this growing city lies a private, baptist university with a growing reputation for success in college football, Baylor. Baylor is a modern example of overrated success, the American bandwagoner 's dream, and the copycat system of head coaches today in football. Over the past few years Baylor has become known for their high octane offense, where they use speed to accelerate passed defenses to score, and they do score a lot, and the don 't let up. The system prefers a mobile quarterback, since that 's when it works best, such as when Robert Griffin III was at quarterback, Bryce Petty was underrated for his ability to run with the ball, he got what …show more content…

Yet, worst of all about Baylor is their fan base. Baylor fans are the worst. The Bears would arguably have the most bandwagon fans in college football right now, and it makes sense. Texas is home to twelve FBS college football programs, headed by Texas and Texas A&M, and like any program Baylor has always had fans, but a lot of more Baylor fans have appeared the last few years. The culmination of Texas 's weak play recently and Baylor 's consecutive eleven win seasons make them a perfect place for bandwagoners hopping off of Texas. Plus, the brand new McLane Stadium brings a lot of excitement to the area with more seating for new fans. Honestly, if you want to find a true Baylor fan, ask him to name three quarterbacks before RG3, if he can name some then he 's a legitimate Baylor fan. Yet, the bandwagoners aren 't even necessarily the worst part, with the recent winning going on fans in Waco think they 're the royalty of college football. Like, chill out a lil ' bit there, you 're just a joker who 's had some funny one liners recently. Yet, the worst thing to hear from a Baylor fan is "51-48", in reference to this year 's win against TCU, where Baylor made a 21 point comeback in ten minutes, which is cool in all, but they fail to forget that Baylor gave up a similar twenty point lead to lose to Michigan State in the Cotton Bowl. But hey, ignorance is bliss. All in all, I hate Baylor, I hate Art Briles for ripping off Oregon, I hate how over-hyped they

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