Carpal Tunnel Syndrome Essay

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In today’s society, the computer is the most popular tools at workplaces, recreation facilities, academic institutions, and even at homes. People are getting used to spending time in front of computer to do their day to day tasks very easy in many different fields and activities. (Betterhealth, Copyight © 1999/2016 State of Victoria) However, the amount of time we spending in front of computer can increase a range of potential health problems. Inappropriate or extensively use of computers or similar electronic device over a prolonged period of time, a user may experience occasional discomfort in their muscle and joint pain, shoulder, arm, wrist and hand, eye fatigue overuse disorders, or other parts of their body. (Med, 2004) But many of…show more content…
Carpal tunnel syndrome (CTS) occurs predominantly caused by acute positioning wrist when uninterrupted typing coupled with poor posture to be crouching toward the screen, in particular it has become a very common problem. (Korhan and Mackieh, 2011) According from various studies show, for those are accustomed to prolonged use of computer to playing game without any control and several office workers which need using computer in poorly placed computer components and extensive typing over a long period of time, they are usually most of the crowd which often suffering with CTS. (Mediouni Z,etal.BMJOpen 2015) This problem is often exacerbated when people have squatted on towards in front of the computer screen typing, resulting in acute and repeated positioning movement, passage of time will cause stress-related injuries wrist, and also could be associated with a number of coherent musculoskeletal diseases, and even lead to cumulative trauma disorders. (Colak, 2013) Cumulative trauma disorders mostly predominant caused by long-term use of computers sitting and repetitive keystroke. Wrist and shoulder posture is maintained the same posture over a long time of period using a computer with playing keyboard and a mouse, the resulting in acute during bad posture shoulder height, flexion and abduction, flexion or extension of the neck, wrist and ulnar deviation which are in highly risk factors . (Colak, 2013) As they continue to overwork, cumulative trauma will happen, their fingers, wrists, arms, neck, muscle and back fatigue will severely pain caused by repeated or prolonged poor posture, and the results will lead to the muscles become inflamed, swelling, weakness or cramps. (Suthar and Kaushik,

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