The Pros And Cons Of Climate Change

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With climate change being argued by many people as a problem that is affecting the planet, or it is being argued by others that it is a hoax created to con people to change the way they live. The idea of reviving nuclear energy as an alternative source to reduce the impact of carbon emissions on the planet. The idea suggests that investing more into nuclear energy will help by making reducing the number of fossil fuels burned and creating ten times the amount of energy that coal burning produces. Although, it may be a carbon-free source other negative impacts to the environment can occur due to the radioactivity of the fuel used in fission and waste. The consequences of using nuclear energy out way the benefits that are provided, thus showing that nuclear energy should …show more content…

Even with repositories, more and more would be needed in order to hold the nuclear waste that is created as it takes thousands of years to return to its original form because of this a many new reactors have been designed that allow for the recycling of nuclear waste that breaks apart the actinides and separates them allowing for reduced thermal load and increasing the capacity of the storage sites. Some of which can be used as a byproduct to form a uranium that isn’t found in nature as another source of fuel for the reactors. These new models are not only energy efficient but are safer with the new and ever-changing technology. One of which is the high-temperature gas cooled reactor that has a higher heat capacity of the core allows for fuel to have longer response times, and has a higher proliferation resistance than other reactors. It is seen that today’s standard for safety can be kept less than one serious release of radioactivity every 50 years from “all” fuel activity. Another reason why people don’t agree wth the revival of nuclear energy is the cost to maintain the power

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