The Pros And Cons Of Divorce

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Divorce or the dissolution of marriage is the termination of a marital union thus dissolving the bonds of matrimony between a married couple under the rule of law of the particular country or state.

Why do people get divorced? There are many reasons why people choose to divorce each other for example, couples who get married at a very young age, abusive marriage, less education, less income, extra marital affairs and many more.

We find that some countries have higher rate of divorce as compared to others due to many reasons as well. One of the country which has the highest rate of divorce is United State of America. This could be due to many reasons like the culture they adopt where the people there are more selfish, come from broken homes, are more materialistic and others.

In some of the Asian countries, the values of marriage are higher. This is probably due to the culture they practice whereby they look at life in a different way. As a sign of respect to the elders, divorce is a taboo subject. The Asian people are also more tolerant of each other and will normally think of the negative effects of a divorce that might affect their children. 

 In general, people nowadays are less patient. No one works on staying together anymore. They tend to take the quick way out by filing for a divorce when a marriage is not working out the way they expect it to. During our grandparents time, they stuck it out through thick and thin. Now people are so willing to throw in the
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