Elements Of The Slavery System

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“No one shall be held in slavery or servitude; slavery and slave trade shall be prohibited in all their forms.” Slavery is taking the individuals freedom, control over their lives and coercing them to obey rules against their will and depriving them from their rights and freedom. There are two types of freedom, Sovereign freedom and Civic freedom. Sovereign freedom is exercising power over us and others and Civic freedom is the freedom of sharing the power of the state that is governing us. A historian called Orlando Patterson suggested that there are only three universal elements applied to the slavery systems. First, the master has the right to threaten or punish the slave with violence, second, all slaves experience natal alienation meaning …show more content…

Slavery branches out into six branches consists of Chattel Slavery, Debt Bondage, Contract Slavery, War Slavery, Children as Domestic Servants and Ritual or Religious Slavery. Chattel Slavery is when the child is born as a slave because the slavery of the parents, Debt Bondage is when there is no ownership over the slave but is controlled by having leverage on the slave to pay the debts acquired, Contract Slavery is when the person may be allowed to work but is still under the surveillance of the master and threatened by violence from the master. War Slavery is when the slaves are coerced as in the master tells the slave “want you to come up with a plan NOW” in order for the master to win the war, Children as Domestic Servants means that unlike the other slaves, they are controlled by violent behaviour not owned to perform domestic chores, Ritual or Religious Slavery is when in African or Asian countries where girls are sent to the priests as slaves, to atone for the sins committed by the …show more content…

Well economically, if the master would send the slave for an economical work, they would not know what to since slavery is not economically efficient also because slaves are very dependent on the master which causes and economic deficit. There are some masters who treat their slaves in a good paternalistic manner causing a good relationship between master and slave, but of course that is a very small percentage of an existence to this type of relationship. Definitely the slaves hate the master, but for them not get in trouble, hide the anger and hatred and show the master a big smile that they are pleased and would not dare to tell the “White Master” about his freedom. There was a story told about a young girl who was slave ran away from her master and ended up in the streets of New York, all she ate was just bread and drank a small amount of water for three days. So the master sends his daughter to look for her and the daughter was a friend to that slave because they used to have fun together when they were

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