The Pros And Cons Of Stem Cells

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I will be writing about stem cells. Stem cells are “an in differentiated cell of multicellular organism that is capable of giving rise to indefinitely more cells of the same type, and from which certain other kinds of cell arise by differentiation.” (Wikipedia). In this essay I will be covering the topics of: How stem cells be used, research and research from the past, and pros and cons of stem cells being used.

How can stem cells be used? Stem cells can turn into other types of cells, according to stem cells can be used to:
Grow new cells to replace damaged tissues (done in a lab)
Make broken organ parts work correctly
Test new drugs
Find out why some cells can turn into cancer cells
Research causes of defects in cells
There are many other ways stem cells can be used but I only chose a few.
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Past research, in 2006 Japanese researchers made skin cells from mice act like
Embryonic stem cells. In the early 1990s scientists thought stem cells could only do a small portion of things, Prof Rossant believed that they could do a lot more. She worked with other scientists and in 1992 she created a mouse out of stem cells.
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They already have the ability to do so but we need to be able to do it better forcefully. Another thing that needs improvement is that because they genetically change cells, they can't tell if the cell they have is normal. Safety is a large concern because they divide indefinitely like cancer cells. The last issue I found was that we are destroying human cells of human life and some people may give it moral value and may fight to have it protected because you're “playing God”. ( [June 23, 2017] retrieved Nov. 8,

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