The Pros And Cons Of The Declaration Of Independence

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The United States has always had a lot to be proud of. With features like beautiful landscapes from deserts and forests to mountains and snow, the infamous title of ‘land of the free,’ and of course there hard won independence-which they have always found worth celebrating. The United States serves as the world’s melting pot, where the traditions of different races, cultures, genders, social classes, and any other difference can all be found in one place, though maybe living their lives in many different ways. The United States had always shown promise for so many people. Those escaping religious persecution, those seeking new opportunities, those who wished to explored. These religions, various cultures, new ideas, innovation, hopes, dreams, …show more content…

Even the facile declaration of independence from Britain itself was not a task which might be done in a single day. “The committee actually presented it’s work on June 28, and members of the congress signed a copy specially prepared for them several weeks later. What actually happened on July 4 was Congress’ vote to approve the document, which led to it’s proclamation and publication the following day.” So as you can see, though it later came to fall of July fourth, the fact that the proclamation and publication of the approval of the document of independence occurred on July fifth shows that the first celebration did not even happen on the fourth, but rather likely the following day! Freedom from oppressive Britain and the crown was the first, but not only significant event in United States history to fall on this date. In 1826 Thomas Jefferson and John Adams both died. These men were of course significant in the development of the country and had dedicated their lives to its liberty and people. “News of their deaths traveled quickly and had a profound effect on the national mood as people celebrated the jubilee …show more content…

His solemn but hopeful speech addresses the effect the two mens work had left on the world, and how they might never be forgotten, saying, “The tree which they assisted to plant will flourish, although they water it and protect it no longer; for it has stuck its roots deep, it has sent them to the very centre; no storm, not of force to burn the orb, can overturn it; its branches spread wide; they stretch their protecting arms broader and broader, and its top is destined to reach the heavens.” Webster explains through this that the works of these two men within the country will never fade. And since their deaths fall on this day, they add on significance to the fourth of July. Eight years later, as the legend of this holiday grew on, a new cause had latched on to it, that being the rights of workers in the United States. It became tradition for employers to let off employees for the day, as workers celebrated their creations and skills from throughout the year. Since Labor day had yet to be established in the United States this day served as workers union opportunity to

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