The Pros And Cons Of Voting Amendments

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Over time our Constitution of the United States has given us more voting privileges. We’ve allowed most of our population to be able to vote now in 2017. The only people who can’t are people under the age of 18, aren’t registered, or not a citizen. At one point in time only a select group of people were able to. A huge group of people were disenfranchised. Before the suffrage amendments passed people were very limited with their voting abilities. The only people that were aloud were white, old, and rich men. These four amendments have allowed an enormous amount of other people to vote too. The 15th amendment was the first amendment that gave suffrage to a minority group. The 15th amendment states you cannot deprive someone of their right to vote due to their race. This mainly allowed African Americans to vote. …show more content…

This gave them more rights as a citizen and more say in their own government ruling over them. Awhile after came the addition of the 19th amendment. This amendment deals with women suffrage. The 19th amendment says you cannot deny someone their right to vote because of gender. This was a huge achievement for women, especially feminists. Women had been protesting for their rights. Then came the 24th amendment. This amendment eliminates the problem of only wealthy people with land voting. Poll tax was a major reason a lot of people couldn’t vote. A fee to vote with created to help stop African Americans from voting but also affected others. The 24th amendment was introduced to ban this. It allowed many more people to vote such as the middle and lower class to vote as

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