Disadvantages Of Written Constitution Essay

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A constitution is a set of fundamental and entrenched rules governing the conduct of an organisation or nation, setting up its idea, character and structure. It is typically a short document general in nature embodying the aspirations of values of its scholars and subjects. (Business Dictionary, 2015). A constitution is a definitive power any action, which contradicts the rules of the constitution, will be both unconstitutional and unlawful. It helps to recognise the rights and freedoms of citizens through a bill of rights, which works both to protect citizens and to confine the power of the state. A constitution whether it is written or unwritten will share common features which is they will identify the key institutions of the state which …show more content…

The disadvantages of the UK constitution adopting a written conclusion includes The adoption of a written constitution will be extremely time consuming to produce; tedious and exorbitant especially to the British taxpayers. The power of the court will build drastically giving them the high ground in settling disputes between the structure and powers of the government. Power and sovereignty would travel from the elected executive to the unelected judiciary and judges would have the capacity make political decision such as make laws and declare unconstitutional, which is undemocratic and unjustifiable. It is extremely difficult to alter or change The introduction of a written constitution would be to invite division and controversy during an era when the government ought to be seeking national unity. It would stir up the conflicting emotions and prejudices about the future of the monarchy, the European Union, the House of Lords, the voting system and human rights. The adoption of a written constitution would politicise the judiciary, requiring the courts to form judgements on questions of a political nature that should be dealt with properly by politicians through the normal parliamentary

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