The Pros Of Holocaust Concentration Camps

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The conditions in the boxcars that Jews rode into concentration camps is hard to imagine. When the nazis wanted to transport loads of Jews to concentration camps, they didn 't know how to do it, their solution was old boxcars. They took old, beat up boxcars and jammed hundreds of Jews in there with nothing to survive. This was the start of the US being involved in another war, but not soon enough. The fact that any Jewish people survived is crazy, and here 's why. Auschwitz had three main camps, Auschwitz 1, Birkenau, and Monowitz. Auschwitz 1 held a lot of prisoners, as well as the SS base and bases for all the police and military. It had some of the small labor companies. Birkenau was the largest camp and main extermination camp, here Jews could be gassed, shot, starved, attacked by dogs, or committed suicide. Monowitz was mainly a hard labor camp, all the people that could work got put to …show more content…

One of the few real boxcars used in the holocaust is in a museum in Michigan. Survivors of the horrors like George Zeff went back to see it. They told stories about how their was potassium nitrate on the car floors. “What it does is it emanates fumes, it makes you cry, it makes you sick, it makes your eyes water, it makes you vomit--And people died.” Zeff said. He remembers his mother holding him because she didn 't want him to get close to the sickening floors. (Semeraz, Megan. "Nazi Boxcars Bring Back Memories of Horror at Holocaust Center WITH VIDEO." Nazi Boxcars Bring Back Memories of Horror at Holocaust Center WITH VIDEO. The Oakland Press, 24 Sept. 2012. Web. 30 Mar. 2016. The holocaust was a terrible time for Jews and the world because it was the start of another world war. These old boxcars were just the beginning of hard times for the Jews. The holocaust needs to be remembered for the sake of the dead, but also for the sake of the living, so it never happens again. The worst part about it is, many people turned the other

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