The Pursuit Of Life In Eudora Welty's A Worn Path

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In the short story, “A Worn Path,” Eudora Welty follows the journey of an old, frail woman named Phoenix Jackson on a long walk into Natchez, Mississippi where she has to get medicine for her grandson. The trip becomes especially difficult because of her age, and in mid-trip she forgets the reason for the struggle. At the end of the journey she remembered, retrieved the medicine, and decided to buy her grandson a Christmas present with the ten cents she had acquired during the day. Although, there is a deeper meaning that conveys simple life behind the journey, as well as the story, a simply beautiful story with many techniques and devices that employs an intricate and densely complex form. Even though it is not clear to anyone quite what it is, the story seamlessly holds a lesson of life.…show more content…
One of the meanings behind it is that it represents the journey of life, as stated in the article “Life for Phoenix” by Neil D. Isaacs; “A traditional concept of road literature, … , is its implicit equation with life: the road of life, life 's journey, ups and downs, the straight and narrow, and a host of other clichés reflect the universality of this primitive metaphor” (Isaacs). The story tells of her meeting people and obstacles that erode her path such as; tree stumps, ditches, and fences, and many more struggles like; fearsome animals, strange people, and memory loss. These represent the way that life could and possible will go for most people. It takes a deeper look into the concept of life, growing, and simple problems; from Phoenix being faced with racial slurs, dangerous paths, and confusion. The elderly woman continues to get up and proceed on her journey no matter how much she fails, just as the mythological legend of the bird, the phoenix rises from the ashes even better and
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