The Real John Proctor In The Crucible

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John Proctor, a more lovable what you might call protagonist of the book who sticks his feet in the ground and dies for his name. The Proctor you know however may just be different from the real John
Proctor. The 3 differences of proctor in life and proctor in the play are his descriptive appearance, his personality, and his how much the witchery affected him and his family. From small little differences to big personality changes John Proctor has it all so buckle in as I use evidence to show you the real John
Firstly I will tackle his appearance or descriptive appearance. According to the article “Proctor seems to have been an enormous man, very large framed, with great force and energy”. In contrast to the book which only tells us …show more content…

Second his personality and the real differences between them because, there are some that stand out.
The book describes John as a “sharp and even-tempered man” whereas the article not, not so much.
“Although an upright man, he seems to have been rash in speech, judgment, and action. It was his unguarded tongue that would eventually lead to his death” this is the John of real life, someone who got in trouble because he couldn’t restrain his tongue and ended up dying because of it.
Thirdly and one that might surprise you which is how much the witch trials affected him. First off during his wife’s trial while he was defending her he was then accused in the middle of court becoming the first man to be accused (yah he was the first one unlike how the book says). Post that his children and his step sister where then accused, like his whole family and his step sister.
So as you can see the John of real life is quite different from the John of the play and to be honest a bit crazier in life then in the book. He was bigger, badder, and allot more happened to him and

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