The Secret Life Of Sgt John Wilson By James Lopez

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The secret life of Sgt. John Wilson By James Lopez This book is about a caring murderous husband and is based on a true story. This is The Secret Lives of Sgt John Wilson. In Scotland, we are introduced to a loving father named John Wilson. John was a husband to a girl name Polly and a father of two. He had some complication back in Scotland and decided to move to Canada. As time pass by while he`s in Canada, difficult situations tend to appear. If I were to descried his personality, I would say he is irrational and manipulative. He tends to lie and seems like every decision he made backfires on him. He even had a love triangle between Polly and a girl name Jessie who he met in Canada. In this book, I portray John Wilson as the anti-hero …show more content…

He was the wife of the now famous John Wilson. John and Jessie first met around in summer, he was introduced by Jessie`s dad. Jessie barely knew anything about John. When John was severely sick Jessie was the one who helped him back to recover. They fell in love with each other. But she still didn’t know anything about John. There were rumors about John and him having a wife back in Scotland. He lied and told everyone that `` No, they`re not true. I was married, but my wife died after I left the old country``( Pg 30). So, that the rumors would end and Jessie wont suspect anything. In sometime in winter John asked Jessie to marry her, and she happily said yes. He also did explain that his wife from Scotland was not dead but instead they were divorced. Even thought this is a lie, Jessie trusted John and believed on what he said. They got married after two days John killed his wife. Once again Jessie didn’t suspect anything from John because she was blindly in love with him. Even after the police who suspected John as a murder, Jessie still believed in John that he was innocent. In the end John was guilty of the act of murder and was hanged for punishment. Therefore, I say that this sweet lovely girl named Jessie is the love-interest of the book. She was blindly in love with John and still believed in him even with all the

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