The Renaissance: The Fall Of The Middle Ages

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The Renaissance, also called the rebirth, was the enlightenment of a new age from the 12th to 16th century that started in Italy, where the arts flourished in Greco-roman culture. The fall of the Byzantine Empire in 1453, helped the Renaissance begin, because, due to the collapse, the Romans became refugees of the intellectuals of Constantinople who brought with them great works of the ancient Greek and Roman. During this time, many artists and philosophers depicted their ideas on politics, religion, and human nature, and became what is called a cultural movement. The start of the Renaissance began with the plague killing off about one third of the population during the Middle Ages. In Italy, there began questions against the teachings of the Church, about how one should live their life, this was called humanism. Italy was governed by various leading families within each region creating a freer atmosphere to trade ideas and goods. Along with this, Italy was already in the center of trade and commerce. …show more content…

During the Early Renaissance (1400-1500) Ghiberti and Donatello were the main sculptures, Michelangelo during the High Renaissance (1500-1525), and Giambologna in the Late Renaissance (1525-1600). Renaissance art was different from the Middle Ages art due to the physical realism and the classical composition. Focusing into the High Renaissance, along with the realism art change of the art, there was an addition of classical balance, harmony, and restraint. My piece is the Dying Slave, a sculpture created by the uncontested master of High Renaissance sculpting,

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