Effects Of Christianity In The Renaissance

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Introduction The Renaissance was a period during which Europe flourished through the middle ages. The Renaissance comes from the French word rebirth. Given the name Rebirth, it was not only a historical period in Europe, but also the emerging of a new spirit of intellectual and creative review. It was the main feature in the religious, political, and theoretical sensation. Moreover, it represents the renewal of the spirit of both Rome and ancient Greece and for literature, a new meaning in the analysis of famous writers of classical literature. The Renaissance did not only affect many nations in Western Europe, it also affected other nations, cities, and regions internationally. Dramatists revitalized and reinventing the classical traditions …show more content…

The new form of Christianity played a major role during the Renaissance period. As people discover a new way of thinking, they began to question many of the teachings present in medieval Christianity. The new form of Christianity ran by Martin Luther was well known by the Protestant Reformation. Many Catholics and Protestants wanted a change in the church. They campaigned for a shift from the medieval learning and medieval form of Christianity. However, a complete overview of the doctrines was not consented by all within the church. Many Catholics wanted to reform the church from within, but Martin Luther and his follower disagreement of church policies led him to break away from the Catholic Church. Because of their protest, Martin Luther and his follower would forever change the course of …show more content…

Likewise, some things discover during the Renaissance period, have also helped in terms of technology. One example would be the discovery of the printing press. Something that has not only helped people gain easy access to literature and other works of science besides; it has also helped in the production of books. As move into an era of technological advancement, the invention and elements of the renaissance continue to play a significant role in today’s society. Just like Gutenberg sought out to make printing and distribution of literature accessible to much of Europe, so does the inventions today seek to bring forth a rebirth in science, arts, and technology. Over the last decade, we have seen pioneers like Elon Musk change how we view space travel. Mark Zuckerberg have revolutionized how people communicate and connect around the world. Today, we are experiencing our own version of the renaissance. We will continue to see groundbreaking discoveries would make history and change the course of humankind. We can only hope that new inventions and discoveries change the course of the world in a way the printing press did. It is important to consider how people are affected in our efforts to create and innovate. Christopher Columbus in exploring new

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