The Ripple Effect

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Over the course of thirty days, I have gone out before, during, and after my lifting and sports practices, and helped people and performed a “RAK.” A “RAK” is a “Random Act of Kindness(RAKs), which was recorded by me for an experiment to see whether or not I would develop and change into a more kind and respectful individual. Along with Improving myself and how I treat others, I hoped through this experiment I could create a ripple effect in which my one act of kindness would inspire others to do another kind act for someone else. My theory for this experiment is that through thirty day of RAKs, I will become a better person out of habit and hopefully the message of love to others. If I perform random acts of kindness for thirty days, I will become a kinder person because I will develop a habit of helping those in need. What is the ripple effect? The ripple effect is a series of things that happen as the result of a particular action or event”(Cambridge). The entire basis of this experiment was to see if my acts of kindness would inspire others to do more acts of kindness, thus following the ripple effect. Many times in my random acts of kindness I saw the ripple effect taking place. A time when I witnessed the…show more content…
Ever since I was young I struggled with the idea of throwing myself out there and being the one to help in a time of need. Often times I am conflicted with whether I should help myself or whether I should help those who need it more than I do. I was conflicted with this thought when I was driving home and went out of my way to help a fellow teammate of mine to get a ride home. I could have easily looked away from him and kept driving to save myself some gas, instead I knew it would be best for me to stop and give him a ride on that cold day. In this experiment I went out of my comfort zone and did as much as I could to help those in

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