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In the novel The Road, paternal love and death are very important themes in the book. Paternal love is the love between a dad and his son, and you should have a close relationship with your parents. “What would you do if I died”(11). “I would want to die too”(11). This is a quote from the book that shows the fatherly love for his child, knowing he couldn’t live without him, and always wants to be with him. “I want you to wait here” (132). “I want to go with you” (132). In this quote from the book it is shown that the man wants to go into the house first to make sure no one is in there to hurt them. When, the man has the kid wait outside he is showing that he wants to keep the kid safe. “I want to be with you”(278). “You can’t”(278). Throughout the novel, the man prepares the boy for surviving on his own, by showing and explaining how to do things. The dad knows that the boy can go on without him, and he is soon going to pass. He has faith in the boy that he will …show more content…

Some people think it as being happy by getting to be with their loved ones again or scary, by leaving their loved ones. An example of death in the book, is when the man dreams about his wife, he thinks that death is coming onto him. He thinks that since his wife died and he’s having dreams about his wife, his wife is trying to tell him that they soon will be together again. Another example would be when the man washes the dead man’s brains off of the boy. The boy is going to be scarred from the man who had the knife to his neck, and then dies as he is holding the boy. The last example would be when the man and the boy go into the locked cellar and see naked human bodies down there, and even a man with no legs. The man and boy are on verge of smelling what is soon going to be death. The man wants the boy to kill himself with the gun if the bad guys ever caught him, so he doesn’t have to go through the cruel punishment of being eaten

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