The Roman Empire: The Legacy Of The Roman Empire

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The Legacy of the Roman Empire The ancient Roman saying states: All roads lead to Rome! And this was true, in this essay I will show what great achievements and inventions happened during the plus minus 500 years from 27 Before Common Era, to 476 Common Era, in the Roman Empire and argue how these achievements and inventions still have influences in our everyday life and the modern world we live in today. Of course the Roman Empire consisted of more than just Roads, the Roman legislative system, their customs and traditions, religions, social structure, political system, art, architecture, writing, philosophy, citizenship, language use and military advancements held their Empire and their citizens together. I will reflect and show, how some of these tools the Romans used almost 2000 years ago, still live on through us today. Firstly I will elaborate on the history of the Roman Empire a little. At its very peak around 117 C.E., the Roman Empire ruled the Mediterranean area and parts of the Middle East and Northern parts of the African continent all the way to the British Islands. Whilst these days lasted the entire empire made use of one single language and one judicial system only. The Roman Army guarded the boarders to the neighbouring countries/empires, and also ensured order within the Roman Empire. But what made this great Empire fall? Historians name multiple reasons for this Historical Event. One of the reasons is that every time one of the emperors died,

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