The Salvation Army: William Booth And The Salvation Army

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The salvation army was one founded on the principles of the well beings of others. William Booth founded those principles in 1865. William Booth helped to break the barrier to helping others through founding the salvation army due to this he deserves to be recognized as the highest devoted person in the works of charity. Booth has been named the “prophet of the poor” as well as being recognized to serving his life to the idea of helping others
Booth’s life was not always surrounded in his burning passion for christ. When he was growing up, his father was drawn into the idea of having money (The General 22). To Booth’s eyes this was a sad wish on anyone for he knew the money was not the key to happiness but it was the drive of compassion …show more content…

By having this perspective, William’s devotion was started. Having this love and loyalty to helping others causes William’s salvation army to boomed. “[Booth] could not walk a pace through these dreadful streets without acute suffering; he had no rest until he gave himself to the work of rescue.” (The Life of General Booth:Volume I 342). Booth could not even walk past people in need and not feel the burden over his head to help. His willingness to drop everything and help another shows Booth’s highest priority of …show more content…

He realized the importance of helping people at home and that not always the service needed for people was that far away. “Here he does not criticize the overseas work as such, but he does urge that mission aboard be not carried out at the expense of the needy at home” (The General 34). William Booth was so devoted to helping others that he not only helped them with shelter but also with evening classes in writing and reading, temperance rallies, mother classes, and soup kitchens. (William Booth:Soup, Soap and Salvation).
William has shown the world that it does not revolve around themselves and that others need help. When William Booth founded the Salvation Army, he was not thinking about himself he was thinking about the well beings of others. Through the devotion of William Booth the poor had finally had someone that was on their side. Booth reached the highest devotion and charity and all fail to reach the level of complete willpower that William had given to

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