Lynda Barry The Sanctuary Of School Analysis

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Lynda Barry in her work The Sanctuary of School, wrote about her life as a kid with a toxic family life where she relied on school to be a place she feels secure. She tried to escape from her toxic family by going to school; was the only way for her to relieve her mind. The school granted her freedom to draw and provided her a safe place to stay. Painting and drawing was the only activity that made her happy. By doing these activities were the only way to express herself. Therefore, if school was to cancel this activity, many children that are like Barry would have nothing to relieve and relied on. School had always been known to help and educated children’s of all ages, but when it comes to certain situation, school is like another home for children. It provided a new life for children’s and help them regain and improve on their mental stress. For example, Barry ran away from home at night to come to school because it the only place she feels content after her parent argument that night. Without even recognizing that she is gone like any other family do, Barry feel happy because she had more time to spend on school every morning just to paint and draw. Even, though she spends every morning on school to draw and paint her teacher Mrs. LeSane never minded which she considered herself a lucky child (Barry, 1992, p.85). Instead, of judging Barry as …show more content…

In fact, school is like a home to children such as Barry who needs the love and care of attention from an adult to made them feel safe and comfort and if school arts and creativity were taken away many children would feel left out of this world and have nothing to

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