The Sapa Inca Civilization

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More than 500 years ago, the Inca Empire was founded. In their time, they would someday become the largest empire in the world in the 16th century. The Incas would live in what is now Peru and the Andes Mountain. They would be a thriving people. It would be the home of about 10 million people. The Incas had different cultures and were a lot different then how we live today.

The Government of the Incas The government of the Incas was led by one person. He was the Sapa Inca. The Sapa Inca was their leader and emperor. The Incas believed that the Sapa Inca was related to the Sun God, Inti. The Sapa (Lord) Inca was the most powerful person. The Incas used, “quipus” for counting. (way of writing using knots) The Inca language was called, …show more content…

Each of these parts was called a “suyu.” In the very center of the four parts was the grand city of Cuzco. Cuzco translates to belly button. (because it is the center of your body)

Education and Training

Peasants in the Inca Civilization were taught by their parents. The sons would typically farm the crops. Young men took turns working mines, building bridges, building temples, and serving in the Incan Army. The daughters job was to fix meals, spin wool, weave, and how to care for children. Sometimes the woman would also help with the harvest. An important job of the girls was to prepare and make chuño. Chuño was freeze dried potatoes. By twenty years old, everybody was married no matter the circumstance. Nobility
Training for Nobility was very important. Girls eight and younger were chosen to become Brides of the Sun. However, only the prettiest young nobles were chosen to become a Bride of the Sun. After these girls were chosen, they were taught by mamacunas. The Brides of the Sun’s job was to make Lord Inca’s clothing. They were also taught weaving, sewing, and how to make the ‘Holy …show more content…

This was a lost city, meaning that the spaniards had not invaded this city. The Urubamba River provided extra shelter from people. The city had royal palaces and more than one hundred staircases.

Most intihuatanas were destroyed from the conquistadors. However, in the city was a huge and untouched intihuatana. Bingham and his crew also found a ceremonial place towards the center of the city.

In the hidden city, they found no gold. But they found many mummies and caves. They found more than fifty caves and a total of 173 mummies. One of the mummies was a mamacuna. She was buried a long side her pet cat.

Many structures were likely built in haste in fear of the conquistadors. However, the finer temples were much older. They believed that they were built by Pachacuti. (a past Sapa Inca) This hidden land was fifty miles from the capital of Cuzco. It was a sanctuary for many Incas. This was especially a sanctuary for mamacunas and Brides of the Sun. They found safety in Machu Picchu.

Today the mystery continues. Do you think this was a sanctuary for Incas? Thousands of travelers visit Machu Picchu each

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