Imperialism: The Influence Of The Spanish On The Incas

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Imperialism is the policy of extending the rule or authority of an empire or nation over foreign countries or of acquiring and holding colonies and dependencies (Google, 2017). Drastic changes occurred to a variety of nation-states and cultures after imperialistic nations extended their control. This essay will highlight the influence of the Spanish on the Incas’ religion, trade and culture To let the Spaniards in their country and to colonize and take their recourses and the spread of Catholicism meaning, they could not live life, their own way. The Americans believed the Incan leader was half God whereas the Spanish did not, knocking some of shrines down leaving the Incas cleaning up the Spaniards mess. Some of the people who refused to do what the Spaniards commanded they would be shot or beaten, wiping some of the Incan empire although in doing so it increased the population from the new technologies and ideas they had gained from the Spanish (Google, 2015). Catholicism rapidly spread through the empire and children taught Catholicism not being able to grow up with their own religion. The affects drew hundreds of thousands of Spaniards across the ocean with hopes of finding riches from the Native Americans. (Shmoop, 2017) …show more content…

The horse helped the Incas a whole heap with delivering there tools and items from one area to another, speeding up the buildings and shrines that were constructed. Given technology and ideas to build, the Incas started to get a lot more powerful by using the items they built to conqueror smaller tribes and empires. Although they had diseases at the time of constructing their tools so, they lost their most valuable builders so they had to trade some of their goods just to get extra help on making their objects losing some of the ideas in the

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