Compare And Contrast The Four Empires Of The Americas

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Each tribe or empire of the Americas had their own unique technique or style that made them different. Regardless of their differences, they all were superior in their own ways and they each made a customized mark on history. The following paper will be summarizing things from each tribe or empire. For example, government or religion. There were four tribes/empires that made up the tribes of the Americas. There were the North American tribes, the Aztecs, the Mayas, and the Incas. Firstly, the North American tribes consisted of the Native Americans, the Iroquois, and a few other tribes. The North American tribes were slightly less complex than some of the others. Although, they were less complex, they adjusted incredibly well to the climate they were in. Most of these tribes were set in desert-like places. These tribes figured out how to make an irrigation system in the middle of the desert to farm. The Iroquois were probably the more complex of the tribes. The Iroquois had a league that’s main goal was to join together for joint defense and for cooperation. This is quite interesting, as it compares …show more content…

The Inca are one of the few tribes that has a visible strong government presence. They are also highly skilled builders. Under a new ambitious ruler, the Inca are also conquerors through conquest, much like the Aztecs. The Inca have impressive skills of diplomacy and military force, which they use to conquer other lands. The skilled Inca build cities much like government buildings. The Inca government also support the empires need to expand, so they build incredible roadways for trade and messages. The Inca however, do not have as many gods as the Aztecs do. They worship the sun god more than anything, much like the Aztec. Eventually though, the empire weakened. After its height, their ruler dies and his two sons split the empire. The sons start a civil war, which breaks down the empire right before the Spanish

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