The Scarlet Ibis Ending Analysis

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This paragraph basically described the change I will have on the ending of the story “The Scarlet Ibis”. I will change the dead of Doodle in the storm to founding the gold pot of leprechaun after the storm under the rainbow. The gold pot was delivered by a scarlet ibis of leprechaun to Brother and Doodle, which will change the meaning of the scarlet ibis from death to wealth. The dialogue will be changed a lot to match the story. After found the gold, it turns out to be a fortune teller wizard named Gdong telling him the fortune that will happen to him and Doodle at next year’s spring. This is how I will change the ending of the story. The ending will be started with Brother’s view: I heard that there will always be gold pot for someone to look for during and after a storm at spring. I took Doodle out for his workout and then I want him to look for the gold with me. “Will there really be gold pot around the time of the storm? I thought it only only exist under rainbow,”asked Doodle. I said,“I guess it’s because rainbow exist after the storm” Then Doodle instantly replied,“I agree, but I think the scarlet ibis that died last hour resembles bad luck, we probably won’t found the gold this time.” I said,“I’ll prove you wrong.” After our conversation Doodle started his workout. Half hour throughout Doodle’s workout it started to rain, but …show more content…

Then the rainbow appeared and I grabbed Doodle’s hand and ran toward it, as fast as I can. We spent a hour looking for the pot and the even longer, so long that I can’t even stand, and one thought popped in my head,“Gdong lied to me, can’t believe I wasted fifty bucks to bought a lie” Then I saw a red dot reflect shiney light beams in the sky and it’s coming to us. When the red dot came towards me closer, I can tell it was a scarlet ibis. I was really surprised, not because of that I saw a scarlet ibis, which doesn’t live around here, but the pot on its

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